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Areas of Practice

Workers Comp Defense

Representation in Workers Comp Defense.


Representation of businesses in insurance cases.

Business Law

Representation in many areas of business law.

Employment and Labor

Representation in employment and labor.

Legal Consulting

Strategic advising and legal consulting.

Sports Law

Representation in sports contract negotiations.


Workers Compensation Defense

The attorneys of Power & Cronin, Ltd. represent and defend employers, insurance companies, third-party administrators, self-insured/self-administered companies, public and private risk management pools and municipalities in Workers’ Compensation cases.


Our representation of employers includes assisting in the initial investigation of injuries prior to the commencement of legal proceedings, as well as the representation of our clients at all stages of the litigation processes from Arbitration before the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission to the Supreme Court of Illinois. Due to the extensive nature of our Workers’ Compensation defense practice, our lawyers travel statewide to represent our clients.


In an effort to provide our clients with the best possible legal representation, our lawyers conduct extensive medical research in order to identify and understand the medical issues involved in each case. We utilize medical libraries, textbooks, scientific literature and state of the art computer-based medical research. In addition, our attorneys meet in person with medical experts and observe surgical procedures. These experiences aid in developing litigation strategies and witness cross-examination.

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Insurance Defense

Our firm is proud to represent insurance carriers, public and private risk management pools and self-insureds in the defense of personal injury and property damage claims. Power & Cronin represents insurance carriers, public and private risk management pools and self-insureds in the defense of personal injury and property damage claims.


Our firm has successfully defended all types of personal injury, wrongful death, property damage and civil rights claims in state and federal courts. Our attorneys are familiar with general insurance industry practices and have over twenty years’ experience specializing in insurance liability matters. Insurance disputes are great business concerns and our experienced attorneys offer guidance which provides clients with necessary information to make informed business decisions.

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Business Law

Power & Cronin, Ltd. has been privileged to represent a variety of businesses throughout the State of Illinois in their business affairs.  This includes the negotiation of terms on a variety of contractual agreements, and the representation of our clients in the formation of various business entities.


Since our expansion, Power & Cronin has had the opportunity to advise businesses based throughout the State of Illinois on transactions and projects including handling the preparation and negotiation of agreements on construction contracts in excess of $100 million.  This experience provides Power & Cronin a unique opportunity to serve as primary counsel to several of our clients handling all of their business and litigation needs under one roof.


Power & Cronin, Ltd.  attorneys have experience serving as both in-house and outside General Counsel to businesses in a variety of different sectors.  These resources and experience allow our attorneys to provide clients with legal advice with respect to current and contemplated future business transactions.  By applying our same relationship-built approach to our business law department, Power & Cronin is quickly growing into a premier DuPage  County business law firm.


Our capabilities in Business Law, among other projects includes:

  •  Filing required business formation and renewal documents with the Secretary of State;
  •  Negotiating the terms of various business contracts on behalf of our clients;
  • Preparing the required forms and agreements for the formation of a business entity;
  • Providing legal counsel with respect to personal and business asset protection plans;
  • Providing legal counsel on terms of business agreements, and the preparation of business succession plans; and
  •  Review and revising contracts on behalf of our clients to ensure compliance with required terms and conditions of various public sector entities
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Employment and Labor

Power & Cronin, Ltd. offers legal services with respect to a variety of Employment and Labor Law matters.  Due to the significant issues that can arise both during a workers’ compensation claim or other decisions facing employers throughout Illinois, Power & Cronin, Ltd. began offering counsel in Employment and Labor matters.


Our expansion has allowed the firm to continue to address the needs of our clients and build strong professional and strategic relationships throughout the state.  Whether we are providing counsel on Employment Law matters and the interplay of those issues with other potential litigation facing our clients, or assisting in the negotiation of a bargaining agreement, Power & Cronin’s staff is equipped to advocate for our client’s best interest and provide legal services to address various aspects of our client’s business.


As part of the services offered, Power & Cronin, Ltd has the capability to handle, among other projects, any or all of the following Employement or Labor matters:

  •  Negotiation and Drafting of Employment Agreements including Non-Competition and Non-Solicitation Provisions;
  •  Negotiation and Drafting of Separation Agreements;
  •  Negotiation with Union representatives on terms of a bargaining agreement;
  •  Review of current Employment Policies and providing legal counsel on revising policies to comply with changes in applicable laws;
  • Representation of Employers in grievances under a bargaining agreement;
  •  Retention Plans for Key Personnel; and
  •  Strategic Planning to protect the proprietary information of the business from illegal disclosure by present or former employees
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Strategic Advising and Legal Consulting

​Dan Cronin, Partner, provides strategic advising and legal consulting services to clients from the private and public sectors, large and small employers alike. The substantive areas of strategic advising and legal consulting include planning, marketing, relationship building and advocacy.


​Whether it is strategic planning for a health care institution seeking to expand services into a new market, or businesses that seek to contain costs associated with issues of morale in the workplace, Mr. Cronin brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and judgement to those tasks.


Mr. Cronin is very skillful at defining an issue and an objective, collaborating on a strategic plan, and assembling the tools and assets necessary for execution of the objective. Mr. Cronin brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, as well as an energy and commitment to his work.

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Sports Law

Power & Cronin, Ltd., represents Athletes, Agents, Coaches, and Sports Organizations across the country in a variety of sports matters which include clients against the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), and the U.S. Center for SafeSport. These matters encompass proceedings in Federal Court, as well as arbitration hearings.

Additionally, Power & Cronin, Ltd., represents clients in their disputes governed under various mandatory arbitration procedures, or in the negotiation of Employment and Separation Agreements. The scope of our representation includes:

  • Representing Agents in disputes with other Agents, Agencies or Players.
  • Representing Agents in the negotiation of their Employment Agreements.
  • Representing Agents and Agencies in providing legal counsel on various Agreements.
  • Preparation for Salary Arbitration.
  • Preparing for client Contract negotiations for Free Agency and Contract extensions.
  • Representing Athletes in cases involving alleged doping violations.
  • Representing Athletes in their pursuit of a Therapeutic Use Exemption.
  • Defending individuals against allegations brought via the U.S. Center for SafeSport.
  • Representing Athletes in contractual disputes.
  • Representing Organizations in the negotiation of sponsorship and Management Agreements.
  • Representing Organizations in the negotiation of Lease Agreements.
  • Defending Athlete’s eligibility to participate in sports.

Our firm is equipped and well qualified to handle and provide counsel on a wide variety of Sports Law matters. Should you have a Sports Law matter that we can assist you with, we welcome you to contact our office.

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