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Significant Wins

Power & Cronin Win for Pace Suburban Bus

Congratulations to Pace Suburban Bus and Gina T. Panepinto  for their successful hearing  before IWCC Arbitrator Joseph Amarilio of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. The case involved a Bus Driver Petitioner that alleged injury to her left knee was exiting the bus stairs.  The incident was viewed by 3 views in bus surveillance showing the Petitioner stepped down on her right foot, the opposite side of the alleged left knee injury.  When cross examination elicited testimony that she did not feel any pain at the time of the incident, and felt a pop in her knee after she exited the employee...

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Michael Fuscone v. Village of Hanover Park

Congratulations to IRMA, The Village of Hanover Park, and Gina T. Panepinto for the win and denial of claimed accident and benefits.  The claimant firefighter made a report to his supervisor of left knee pain.  The supervisor was a credible witness who documented the incident report of left knee pain, with no attributable work accident, activity or incident. The Arbitrator found the Petitioner failed to establish a work accident and that the left knee conditions were personal in nature. The Arbitrator found no Accident, and denied all benefits and awarded a credit to the Respondent of $26,625.03 for applicable medical charges...

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Another Win for Power & Cronin

Congratulations to John Fassola and the University of Illinois for their win in a case with a very unusual fact pattern.  The claimant was a student lab worker at the University and alleged that he contracted HIV as a result of exposure to infected blood samples.  At trial, we were able to successfully argue multiple avenues denying the compensability of the case.  First, we noted the fact that the claimant had not immediately reported the exposure, which made the credibility of his allegation questionable.  We also used medical evidence to suggest that the timeframe between the alleged exposure and the...

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A Win for Power & Cronin

Congratulations to Ed Miniat, LLC and Jeff Redick for their victorious hearing before IWCC Arbitrator Joseph Amarilio of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. The case involved a Petitioner that alleged to have sustained workplace injuries as a result multiple accidents including a fall and repetitive traumas. The Petitioner claimed over $132,000.00 in accrued benefits at hearing.  As a result of inconsistencies in Petitioner’s testimony elicited on cross-examination and impeachment against medical record evidence, the Arbitrator determined that the Petitioner’s conditions were not causally related to the alleged injuries and all claims for benefits were denied.  No appeal was filed....

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Jaskowiak v. Homer Township Fire

Congratulations to the Illinois Municipal League and Gina Terrano Panepinto for their successful defense on Appeal of this matter brought pursuant to Section 19(b)1 before Arbitrator Paul Cellini.  Following briefing on Review and expedited Oral Arguments, Panel A of the Workers’ Compensation Commission affirmed the Arbitrator's decision in Jaskowiak v. Homer Township Fire Protection District. The claimant was a fire fighter/paramedic who claimed injury to his foot and back after being disqualified from a 40-hour live fire training course due to heat exhaustion and dehydration.  We questioned the credibility of the claimant regarding the timing of the disqualification from the...

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