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Revised IWCC Procedures for June

Revised IWCC Procedures for June

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission has announced its revised procedures for hearings to take place during the month of June. A copy of the Commission’s memorandum of “Special Circumstance” procedures, a subsequent clarification memo, and the calendar of hearing dates can be found on the Commission’s web-site at www2.illinois.gov/sites/iwcc.

In summary, the Commission will continue to hold the June status calls in each venue telephonically. If one (or both) of the parties has requested a hearing, the cases will be set on a telephonic pretrial date, per the schedule of available dates in each venue. Depending on the size of the status call at each venue, there may be as many as five available telephonic pre-trial dates, or as few as one.

On the pre-trial date, our attorneys will discuss the claims with the assigned Arbitrator and opposing counsel, and will try to determine whether issues can be resolved or clarified. As deemed necessary, a limited number of cases will be assigned by the Arbitrators for “live” hearings on designated June dates. If one of our cases is assigned for trial, we will work with our clients to identify which witnesses will be needed to represent your interests, and we will endeavor to address all requirements and arrangements that are necessary to proceed to hearing at the various hearing sites.

We are working hard to continue to move cases to resolution during these challenging circumstances. Thank you for assisting us in these efforts! We will continue to keep you advised of other changes in procedures as they arise.